Madden NFL 21: Snoop Dogg Gets Mad

Snoop Dogg‘s live show promised to be relaxed, calm, and worthy of any ordinary Sunday. However, this good atmosphere only lasted 15 minutes: the rapper attacked Madden NFL 21 live and, angry, left the broadcast. However, the streaming could not be a chiller. Viewers were enjoying 7 hours of great musical themes which Snoop Dogg had put in the background to play. In the image? His empty chair. The best? That he has gotten 197,091 views.

Unfortunately, due to copyright infringements, Twitch does not allow us to listen to the audio at the moment in which Snoop Dogg begins to charge against the Electronic Arts game (although someone has rescued the moment and made it the clip that you we leave below these lines). The title of the video, Sit Back, Relax, and Chill it’s a vibe in here, couldn’t have been more accurate as soon as the singer left: for approximately 7 hours, viewers enjoyed quiet background music and the image of the chair empty of him.

The best of all is the number of viewers this broadcast has managed to gather: although Snoop Dogg often manages to be in the company of a large number of viewers, the truth is that the number of views of his streaming is already close to 200,000 visits. And what happened to streaming? After about 7 1/2 hours, Snoop can be seen crossing the room with a sweatshirt on, and he walks over to end the broadcast.

Snoop Dogg‘s adventures in the world of video games are not few: after taking drugs live and pretending that he was enjoying a game on Twitch, we could also see him starring in a promotion for the Spyro Reignited Trilogy game with which he received a copy of the collection of hands of a gigantic drone in the shape of the character.

Madden NFL 21 is on the new generation of consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S), and also on the past generation (PS4 and Xbox One). Therefore, if you are enjoying the game as much as we do, don’t forget you can buy Madden 21 coins on MUTeamGo!